Fav. Tracks: Zabriskie Point – Various Artists

zabriskie Zabriskie Point – Country Song (Pink Floyd)

This post brings the description of my current music collection to an end.  I have not included any of my classical music, but I think I have included all others.

This final collection of music from various artists is in fact the soundtrack to a cult film from 1970, which describes the development of the youth-based movement of the late 60s in the USA.  A total failure as a film, the beauty of Zabriskie Point is undoubtedly this music and especially the input from Pink Floyd.

This song starts off very much like some of the tracks from the film More, but after a while it turns to a more rock-based sound with a buzz effect on the lead guitar.  This turns back to the initial theme and so the tune repeats.  The lyrics are interesting and powerfully sung and there is clearly music development that makes the sound a little unusual for Pink Floyd.  The rock influence gets stronger toward the end of the track until a faded ending.  A very unusual piece of music from an unusual album.

The album tracks:

Heart Beat, Pig Meat Pink Floyd
Brother Mary Kaleidoscope
Dark Star [Excerpt] Grateful Dead
Crumbling Land Pink Floyd
Tennessee Waltz Patti Page
Sugar Babe The Youngbloods
Love Scene Grateful Dead; Jerry Garcia
I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again Roscoe Holcomb
Mickey’s Tune Kaleidoscope
Dance of Death John Fahey
Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Up Pink Floyd
Love Scene Improvisations [take 1] Jerry Garcia
Love Scene Improvisations [take 2] Jerry Garcia
Love Scene Improvisations [take 3] Jerry Garcia
Love Scene Improvisations [take 4] Jerry Garcia
Country Song Pink Floyd
Unknown Song Pink Floyd
Love Scene [Version 6] Pink Floyd
Love Scene ][Version 4]

Fav. Tracks: Jeff Wayne – War of the Worlds

waroftheworldsWar of the Worlds – The Spirit Of Man.

This musical soundtrack is a difficult album to choose a favourite track from, but I think this track bring a feeling of the music, theatre and drama of the production.  Overall I love this presentation of the famous HG Wells story and there is some wonderful music in the production.

I think overall this album is really worth having in any music collection, but it should be listened to in totality.

Fav. Tracks: The Who – Tommy

114875853Tommy – I’m Free.

This album (CD) remains the only one in my collection that, when I listen to it, raises the hairs on my arms and sens a chill down my spine – I have no idea why.  There are some excellent tracks and of course Pinball Wizard is probably the best known, so picking a favourite tracks was not easy.

This is the track that makes my skin creep and has a major impact when I hear it and, consequently, takes the Favourite Award!  The guitar is brilliant in this piece of music and the lyrics conclude the important aspect of the rock opera, which provides the depth to the song.

Fav. Tracks: The Blues Brothers – Original Soundtrack

The Blues Brothers – Rawhide (Theme).

I don’t have too many film soundtracks, but this is something of a classic and one of the best scenes is the amusing gig in a bar in the mid-west, where Rawhide is played to placate an audience that doesn’t like rock music!

I am also old enough to remember the TV programme Rawhide, so this music is somewhat engrained, but I just love this version.  Not much more to say other than watch the film if you haven’t already.

Fav. Tracks: Eno – Another Green World

anothergreenworldAnother Green World – Title Track.

I bought this album (MP3) when I finally discovered the title of a piece of music played at the beginning of the TV art documentary “Arena”.  That piece of music is in fact the title track of this album by Eno (ex Roxy Music).

In terms of electronica (or Synthetic Music) this is one of nicest tunes I have heard and stands out from the rest of this album.  It is a very gentle sound and very simple, but at the same time catchy and very effective as a soundtrack.