Fav. Tracks: Take a Break – Various Artists

t_6987 Take a Break – Guaglione (Perez Prado – Guinness).

Every now and then, when watching TV, I am captivated by the music used to advertise a product.  Sometimes I don’t know what the music is (although modern sound-based search engines make that a problem of the past) and it was that problem that led me to buy this album (CD).  However, the album has some other excellent track (quite a few I had from other sources) and the tracks by Nina Simone, M People and The Hollies stand out for me.

The product that I heard the music for was Guinness but I did not know the name of the music until I saw it advertised on this CD.  It is a really catchy little tune and certainly made Guinness a recognised product when this music was heard – good advertising!

The Tracks:

Search For The Hero M PEOPLE (Peugeot 406)
Show Me Heaven MARIA McKEE (Cadbury’s Dairy Milk)
I Just Want To Make Love To You Etta James (Diet Coke)
Let There Be Love Nat King Cole (British Meat)
What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong (Microsoft)
Someone To Watch Over Me Ella Fitzgerald (PPP Healthcare)
I Put A Spell On You Nina Simone (Diet Coke)
Fly Me To The Moon Doris Day (Ford Probe)
Angelina Louis Prima (Mastercard)
Don’t Worry, Be Happy BOBBY McFERRIN (Alpen)
Guaglione PEREZ PRADO (Guinness)
Reach Out I’ll Be There Four Tops (Tetley Tea)
He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother The Hollies (Panadol Extra)
Days THE KINKS (Yellow Pages)
(Sexual) Healing Marvin Gaye (Peugeot 306)
Wonderful Life BLACK (Standard Life)
Nothing Compares 2U Sinead O’Connor
Save The Best For Last Vanessa Williams (Bisto Gravy)
Break Out SWING OUT SISTER (Salon Selectives)
Cars Gary Numan
Addicted To Love Robert Palmer (British Meat)
The Professionals “Theme” London Symphony Orchestra (Nissan Almera)

Friday 21st February–Rugby 6-Nations

Wales%20v%20France%206%20Nations%20logosI must have slept heavy last night as i didn’t hear the refuse collection this morning, which is unusual, but they had been so I started the day off by washing out the bin with the hose.  Then, after breakfast, I started work on the shoe rack again – I have finished two legs and two shelves so far.  I managed to sort out a wonderful piece of improvisation – cutting recesses was a problem as even the shortest blade for the jigsaw was too long, but I managed to screw a block of wood to the shoe of the jigsaw, lifting it high enough, and now it works well.  However, I have a problem as one of the supplied pieces of wood has severe cracks in it and will not be usable, so I will have to get back in touch with Wickes and get a replacement.  It is a shame as it will slow down work on the shoe rack.

I spent some of the afternoon reading my copy of Scientific America and came across a very speculative article about how to image brain activity – I was not too convinced that some of the techniques were really feasible, but speculation probably sells magazines!  The other article i read was about Dark Matter and how it is arranged in “filaments” along which galaxies gather – I thought the two articles complemented each other as the Dark matter filaments reminded me of neurones.

I then did a bit more work on the shoe rack before dinner and then settled down to watch Wales thrash France in the rugby.  It was an excellent performance by Wales and a good watch.  French discipline was poor and they looked very disorganised in the first half, it is a shame that England lost to them.

Saturday 8th February–Second round of 6 nations

A change of plan after we got up, it was pouring with rain so we did not fancy a trip to Winchester and Kathy was in a lot of pain again (legs and back), so staying at home again.  A quick trip to the Coop to get some milk first thing and then I’ll watch the rugby.Six_Nations_Championship_svg

The Irish were great, but Wales made too many errors and gave away too many penalties.  The weather may have been a factor, but the Welsh handling errors were very poor and their lineout was naive.  In contrast, the Irish ricking and mauling were exemplary and dominated the game. 
While England just trounced the Scots who really had so little ball they were never in the game.  What really spoiled the game was the pitch, I have never seen Murrayfield so bad, it was almost like the old days!

I guess the news of the day has to be the Environment Minister who resigned because his cleaner did not have the correct work permit paperwork to work in the UK.  There is an irony in that!

TV sound balance – a bit of a whinge

SoundI watch TV using Sky, but I cannot believe the problem I am hearing is their fault, it is that between programmes, on many if not most channels, the sound balance changes dramatically.  Advertisements seem to be the worst and are much louder than the sound level used in the programme, but also station announcements about forthcoming programmes are also far too loud.  This problem is really pronounced when listening to a film, any advertisements during the break are so loud we have to turn the sound level down to hear ourselves think.

I have noticed this problem developing over the last few years (and I am not the only one to notice) and it first started to manifest itself as music that was too loud during speech passages in a variety of TV shows (I really noticed in Dr Who).  I assumed that a new generation of sound engineers were learning their trade, but it continued!  It is also happening on imported TV shows, so this is a problem worldwide, but why?

Surely it is not so difficult for sound engineers to monitor the sound levels during a programme and balance the transmitted levels when they have announcements between programmes.  I have software that does this for music, so it cannot be that difficult.

Digital radio is great – but, not through the TV

I bought a DAB radio a few weeks ago, it was to replace an old MW/LW/FM radio that we had to get rid of after we could no longer buy the type of battery needed (yes that old)!  I really like listening to music on it and often connect it to my HiFi system as well.  What I particularly like is the rolling display, which shows what track is currently playing and who is performing the track.  However, I have a gripe about all of this….

I also have Sky satellite TV, Freeview TV, both of which are played through my HiFi system and I used to have Virginmedia cable TV all of which also provide digital radio channels.  But, none of these service providers transmit the information that is readily available on the DAB radio, yet TV provides the ideal medium for this information and more!  What a lost opportunity and why is this information (even the most basic listings) not available through the TV?

Anyone know the answer?