Fav. Tracks: Yazoo – You and Me Both

2561614979_e4d77b62c8You and Me Both – Nobody’s Diary.

I always liked the unique sound of Yazoo and, although this is a recent purchase to compensate for having only bought a single album in the past, this album (MP3) has that classic synthetic sound from the beginning.

The opening track illustrates exactly what I mean with an introduction of keyboards and unusual percussion, but it is Alison Moyet’s voice that really enhances the band’s sound.  She adds real depth to the music and the strength of her voice is excellent at this time in her career.

Fav. Tracks: Ed Sheeran – X

ed-sheeran-xX – I See Fire.

What really attracted me to buy this album (Vinyl and MP3) was hearing Ed Sheeran perform so many different styles of music, he is really a very talented person.  I also thought I would buy another vinyl record, just for a change, as I haven’t listened to vinyl for some time, but recently bought a new stylus and I found that my old vinyl sounded really good!

Then, I watched the second Hobbit movie and heard this track and that was me finally sold on buying this album.  Someone who can switch style from folk to rap has just got too much talent.

Fav. Tracks: The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

alb_157306_bigWe Started Nothing – Fruit Machine.

I heard The Ting Tings for the first time playing at Glastonbury Festival (coverage on TV) and I liked the sound, so I bought this album.  I think the sound will date, but I still enjoy the music at the moment.

This track is the best example of what I like and the strong percussion adds to the unique sound.  As often with a new (to me) band, it is the unusual female singer’s voice I really like and this is the case here.

Fav. Tracks: George Ezra – Wanted On Voyage

george-ezra-wanted-on-voyage-2014Wanted On Voyage – Budapest.

This young man has the most amazing voice that I have heard in a long time.  This summer George Ezra’s music has been played on radio everyday, but I have to say I enjoy listening to it.  Such a strong voice from such a young person!

This song has a really upbeat rhythm and some interesting lyrics that are delivered in an exceptional manner by “the voice of the year”.  I am glad I bought this album (CD) it is really an excellent sound.

Prince – The Very Best of……

album-the-very-best-of-princeThe Very Best of Prince – Purple Rain.

I bought this album (MP3) so that I had a copy of this track, but I guess I also really like the unusual musical style of Prince and I knew I would like many of the other tracks.

Right from the first chord, this track has a unique sound and the jerky sound of the singing provides a really moving delivery of a wonderful set of lyrics.  Prince is unique and love or hate him, you cannot deny his musical influence!

Fav. Tracks: Ian Dury – Very Best of Ian Dury & the Blockheads: Reasons to be Cheerful

41TSC0BS0DL__SS500_Very Best of Ian Dury & the Blockheads: Reasons to be Cheerful – Sweet Gene Vincent.

I always liked the clever lyrics and unusual styles of music that this band produced and it was a sad loss when Ian died.  There are many tracks of this greatest hits that people will know well and I could have chosen, but there is something special about the rock and roll sound, the two different rhythms and the lyrics of this song that make it special for me!  This album remains one of my all time favourites and is a perfect example of sing-along music.

Fav. Tracks: Yazoo – Upstairs at Eric’s

Yazoo-Upstairs-At-Erics-433877Upstairs at Eric’s – Don’t Go.

I fell in love with this album from the very beginning and this led to my interest in Alison Moyet’s music and sound.  her voice is exceptional, especially in these early days, and the slightly punky, but very different sound that Yazoo generated was something very refreshing the early 80s.

This track is a classic of the genre and the time, but has stood the test of time very well and still sounds different and very fresh – why do we never hear this on the radio?