Fav. Tracks: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

alb_40285_bigWish You Were Here – Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5.

After 496 posts on this Music Blog, I finally arrive at my all-time favourite album (vinyl), which is something of a treasure (I now have a MP3 version to save the vinyl version).

This track is a wonderful introduction to Progressive Rock and has a fantastic collection of sounds and musical styles on it.  It is a tribute to the ex-band member Syd Barrett and as such is also a wonderful dedication to his memory (he died in 2006).  This is really a superb album and well worth owning.

Fav. Tracks: Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale

coverfrontA Whiter Shade of Pale – A Whiter Shade of Pale.

This is one of my favourite tracks of all time, but is a piece of music that I never owned until recently – when I bought this MP3 album.

The track is a classic of the psychedelic rock sound of the late 60s and, although I do not understand much of the phraseology, it has excellent lyrics and a wonderful relaxed tune.  In memory of those distant days we played this at our wedding, so it is clearly a popular track to be readily available at the Registry Office.  For me it is simply a classic that will last for ever in the annals of popular music.

Fav. Tracks: Pink Floyd – The Wall

pink-floyd-the-wall[1]The Wall – Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2.

This album (vinyl) is probably one the most played albums that I own and I have had to purchase an MP3 download to avoid the pops and crackles!  In my view it is one of the best albums made by Pink Floyd and really shows the beginnings of the schism within the band, but is held together through the musical-composition strength of Roger Waters.

Of course, it is difficult not to pick the best known track as a favourite, but perhaps it is also because of the memories stirred by the lyrics – anyone of my age will remember this schooling background – this is a brilliant song.

Fav. Tracks: The Byrds – The Very Best of……

418BP06GTWL__SS500_The Very Best of The Byrds – Eight Miles High.

The Byrds were the first “West Coast of America” band that I was aware of and probably the first from America that played what became known as Psychedelic Rock.  It was this new sound that I really liked and yet I was never able to afford to buy their albums and had to wait until recently to puy this MP3 download.

This track is very illustrative of the sound that I liked so much and the guitar work at the beginning is tremendous.  The singing adds to that flavour with its soft flavour and the lyrics are brilliant – music in the late 60s was really ground breaking!

Fav. Tracks: The Doors – The Very Best Of

MI0001544577The Very Best Of The Doors – Light My Fire.

This band is the sound of the 70s for me and their music and lyrics were an exceptional output from a very special era.  This is one of the best collections of their music and one I just had to buy having never actually bought any of their music at the time!

I could pick so many different tracks, but this is one I have always threatened to have at my funeral (cremation), but also because I just love the guitar work there are two very different themes and both sound exceptional even after all of these years.  This is rock music at its very best!

Fav. Tracks: Hawkwind – Hawkwind

cover_946176112003Hawkwind – Mirror of Illusion.

This first album (vinyl) by Hawkwind was an early purchase when I was a student and one of my favourite albums of what became known as Psychedelic Rock.  Most of the tracks I like and I have already reviewed the first track (from a greatest Hits CD), so I have chosen this track as an illustration of the sound.

Listen to this on headphones, the stereo shifts are amazing the first time you here it!  I love the beat of this song, the percussion is really good and the lyrics are an interesting story.  But what makes it good and typical of the album are the synthesised sounds in the background accompanied by a superb rock guitar – I hear early sounds that became incorporated into many computer games.  Hawkwind at their very best!

Fav. Tracks: Hawkwind – Epoch Eclipse: 30 Year Anthology

31BEP6XKRVL__SS500_Epoch Eclipse: 30 Year Anthology – Hurry on Sundown.

I bought Hawkwind’s first album when it first came out, back in 1970 (I was still a first year undergraduate) and one of the tracks that I like the most was this one.  I still play that album regularly.

This track is typical “psychedelic” music from the early 70s and makes great use of stereo to sweep the sounds across the room (or through your head on headphones).  It is difficult to describe the music as there are so many different sounds, but there is a very good beat and the lyrics get you singing along.  I think this is a great piece of music, but I am biased!