About Keith

OK, so something about me first I suppose……

I enjoy reading (Science Fiction and Science Fantasy especially) and hope to even try to write something soon.  I love music and enjoy most types of music (see my Music Blog for more detail).  When working I have travelled quite extensively, especially Eastern Europe and Russia, but also India and the USA.

Born 1950, a useful year as it makes remembering my age relatively easy, in Newcastle upon Tyne, which makes me a Geordie, but I have lived all my early life in County Durham and I still love Durham city for its beautiful cathedral.


I am not so keen on those cold winters though – hence my move south, haha.

I have a first degree in Chemistry, obtained at Hull University in 1972 and then studied for a part-time PhD (in microbial genetics) at University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which I obtained in 1979.

For many year (1976 – 1987) I captained The Genetics cricket team, which was a reasonably effective mix of interested parties, keen cricketers and total newbies, that I recruited to play over the years, and we played both 20-over and 40-over cricket, but always won the drinking competition!

My academic career began in Portsmouth Polytechnic (now University) in 1988, teaching Molecular Biology and researching in the area of Molecular Biotechnology.  Most of my research career has involved the study of Type I Restriction-Modifcation enzymes, which are interesting molecular machines that “pull” DNA and could be used as nanoactuators.  I retired in 2010 and now spend time writing here and there.

My recent interests have changed – the discovery that I have Type 2 Diabetes has led to an interest in this disease and some of my Blogs detail this.  In addition, after many years studying protein-protein interactions I find I am fascinated by the amyloid-based diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).  This interest was increased recently by the diagnosis that a relative of my wife has one of these diseases!

I have travelled extensively during my career, so I am trying to write about some of the places I have been, but time always seems to be against me and I end up writing something else!  I also try to Blog about some of the technology I use and find useful (and gripe about technology changes that don’t work!), so click the links at the top of the page and read on…..


2 comments on “About Keith

  1. Jaynish Patel says:

    Hey Keith,

    Please send me your contact information, how’s Kathy?


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