Monday 3rd March – Housework again

Monday, as usual, was housework day, but it was raining heavy (yet again) so i couldn’t get out to clean the windows, which is what I wanted to do as they are filthy!  So, it was a case of floor cleaning and vacuum cleaning (the vacuum cleaner is too heavy for Kathy to manage and her arthritis is getting worse).  I also did some cleaning of the settee downstairs, which, all in all, took me up to lunchtime, by the time I washed.

I took a quick trip down to the local Sainsbury supermarket to get some bits and bobs and then lunch.  I watched the rest of the England cricket match after lunch and it was good to see Bopara playing some sensible cricket, but the win by England was far from convincing, rather West Indies lost the match with a poor batting performance.

Monday 24th February–Housework

sky-dish-installation-scotland-quick-fit-aerials-ltd-satellite-tvMonday is always housework day, but I had a bad start to this today when I knocked over a lamp, which broke and had to be thrown out!  I think it has a lot to do with my hands not gripping well when cold – arthritis!  It was a strange day, the first thing was a call from Wickes – they are going to replace the wood that is all split, so they will come on Thursday – then I heard from the Sky Engineer, who is coming tomorrow to re-align the satellite dish (again).  Then the door stop behind the living room door – one I bought about 18 months ago when I built the pyramid-shaped book shelves – came apart, the rubber end stop fell off because it had deteriorated badly, so it will have to be replaced!  Still, I managed to get the rest of the housework done without incident and settled down after lunch to watch the rugby I recorded and South Africa beating Australia in the cricket.  I only saw the last 15 min of the rugby between England and Ireland yesterday, so it was good to see the whole match, which was more exciting than the score suggested.  England played well and it was a hard game – in the first half I was amazed how many yards England made on the tackles.

After dinner, we finished the online shop for tomorrow’s delivery and I watched a little of the Newcastle football match.  Sadly, the recording kept breaking up because of the dish alignment problem, but I managed to see most of the programme – I’ll watch what remains tomorrow before I start on the shoe rack again.

News of the day has got to be the last commercial flight of a DC10 – an amazing aeroplane!  The unfortunate shooting of two women in Farnham looks like it might be a strange story, we will have to wait to see.  I haven’t mentioned much about Ukraine, but I see that an attempt is underway to establish an alternative government – I doubt Russia will be pleased – it will take time before we will know if this will succeed.  Then there is the news that NHS data has been released to insurance companies – well that is a good illustration of why I opted out of the “” scheme!  Finally, the idea that the UK government would hold a Cabinet session in Aberdeen to try to win over the Scottish vote against independence had me smiling, surely no one would be convinced by such a childish prank?

Monday 10th February–Housework day

Sebo X1.1Today starts off, as do all Mondays, with housework and today, it being mostly dry and sunny, the main job was to clean most of the upstairs windows.  I kicked off the cleaning by trying out some tile cleaner on the kitchen floor, using a microfiber mop to apply it, and it seemed to go well, removing the water splash marks very effectively.  Then vacuum cleaning the stairwell with the very impressive, but heavy, Sebo vacuum cleaner.

Had to pop down to the shop for some milk again, but at least the weather stayed dry and sunny, for a change!

I cooked spicy chicken and fried rice for dinner – we are emptying the freezer fir a defrost tomorrow and this was almost the last item of meat in there.  It is an easy meal and always goes down well!

The news today was still dominated by the weather and now the flooding within the Thames area – that will focus attention, lol!  However, i was also interested in how smoking in cars, in the presence of children, will be prevented; it should be tricky to police!  Oh!  And apparently British Gas may have over-charged its customers!  All good news?

The Sebo Automatic X1.1 – a new vacuum cleaner

For the past few years we have had a Panasonic vacuum cleaner (bagged upright, white, 1700w), which was reasonable, light, but a little top-heavy.  Earlier this year the plastic hook, onto which the hose attached, broke off and was irrepairable.  Last weekend, whilst vacuum cleaning, there was a large click from the Panasonic, a lot of noise and a burning smell: the device for locking the machine into an upright position had broken (and disappeared) renedering the vacuum cleaner unusable!

We did a lot of research over the weekend for a replacement and eventually, went for the Sebo automatic X1.1, based on reviews indicating good reliability and the ease of replacing the parts (there are several videos on Youtube showing how to do this).  The next question was then a quick delivery, as we needed the cleaner to do the housework – the Panasonic no longer looked usable!  Surprisingly, well at least to me, the Co-op offered next day delivery and the cheapest price, at just under £200 (free delivery).  We ordered it very early Wednesday morning (near 1am).  The machine arrived promptly, as they said it would, on Thursday around noon and I had it assembled and ready to use within 15 mins!  Very impressive!

When I opened the box containing this machine, it was immediately  clear how easy this would be to repair, should the need arise, as all of the parts were separate, but easy to assemble, with the only tricky action being locating the hose into the tube that is the main attachment feature.  Fitting the bag is easy and I like the “lid for the bag” feature, which means the dust won’t leak out when disposing of it.  A spare bag was provided and one already fitted, but I checked how to fit the bag just to make sure I knew how to do it.

So, what about it in use?  Well, the most noticeable thing, which was detailed in most of the reviews, is that it is quite heavy, but the weight distribution is interesting, with the Sebo being very bottom heavy.  This makes it easy to vacuum a floor, but less easy to manipulate on a staircase.  The Sebo, actually, seems to pull itself forward, which makes cleaning on a carpet very easy.  It also automatically adjusts the beater bar and height to match the carpet pile, which is strange at first as a light flashes to indicate it moving up or down and then the height changes noticeably.  There is a lot less heat output from the Sebo in comparison to the Panasonic, and the filters limit dust.  The noise level is very low and seems quiet in comparison – the Sebo noise does change in pitch when in use, but this is not a problem in my view.  The attachment hose sits to the right of the handle and can be easily lifted out and used while the machine is still set for vacuuming the floor, this is probably the best feature of the machine, as it is easy to clean around objects and into corners, especially on the stairs.  Whereas, the Panasonic required the beater bar to be switched off and using the attachments was a separate exercise.  The fact that the Sebo is bottom heavy also means using the attachment is not likely to lead to the cleaner falling over (a common problem with the Panasonic).  When using the attachments, perhaps the only major drawback is the lack of supplied tools, there is a narrow tube for cleaning down the sides of chairs and a upholstery cleaner, but that is all and I miss a brush.  However, various tools can be purchased if required and a number of accessories are available, another attractive feature.

Over all opinion is that it is a good vacuum cleaner, which is rather heavy, but that is not a major problem.