Smart Connect–A useful mobile phone app for Android phones

Smart Connect

I am not someone who makes a great deal of use of apps on a mobile phone, or someone who downloads apps regularly – hence very few reviews in this area, but this app I have made major use of on my Sony Experia and I thought I should mention how I use it.  The app is from Sony, but is available for Android phones from the app store and I know it works on a Samsung S4.

The concept of the app is that you can use it to control certain functions on your mobile phone and it is particularly focussed on playing music and control of the sound system of the phone.  The most obvious use of this app is probably the easiest to setup and perhaps one of the most useful – to switch off the sound from the phone during specific periods of time (e.g. at night while you are asleep) to prevent the arrival of email and message alerts.  The beginning and end times can be adjusted to suit your lifestyle and the sound switched off between the set times.

However, you can also program music play following attachment of headphones or earphones.  This is really useful if you hate having to find the music app and play a specific album – I like to use this to play a list of favourite tracks listed on the phone, but i guess the one drawback is that it simply plays whatever was being played during the last session.  I have also set this app to play music, via a bluetooth audio adapter, which is very useful when I want to play music through my HiFi system.  The way this works is probably the best illustration of how this app can be used – the app is set to run a series of events when connected to the Bluetooth Audio Adapter (which occurs when I switch on Bluetooth).  The first is to switch off Wireless Internet to prevent email arrival announcements, then the sound level is set to maximum to ensure a good signal to the amplifier via the Bluetooth Audio Adapter and then the music is played (usually the last track played on my favourite list).  When Bluetooth is switched off the app switches back on the WiFi and sets the sound level to 75%.

I like this simple but useful software!

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