Fav. Tracks: Wang Chung – Mosaic

86bMosaic – The Flat Horizon.

First of all I apologise that the sample on YouTube is not too good a quality, It sounds like they have tried to make sure you know it is played off vinyl!

I am not a lover of the dance music genre and I am not sure where this album came from – it may have been won as a freebie!  So, I have picked a track that I think is okay.

I quite like the Indian music style at the very beginning and the beat is good, but I am not going to be playing this very often.  however, it is not a bad album and I am sure there are plenty of people who really like this music, just not me.  I’ll put this down to experience.


Fav. Tracks: Jamiroquai – High Times – Singles 1992-2006

high-times-singles-1992-2006-5061e8fc0902f High Times – Singles 1992-2006 – Emergency on Planet Earth.

I have to be honest and explain that this recent MP3 download was bought more because it was a bargain rather than because of my musical tastes.  However, I have always quite liked some of Jamiroquai’s music and their singles for less than £4 seemed a real bargain, but dance music is not my main interest.

The album has a wide range of styles in the music; although, it is all basically dance beat, which can become repetitive after a while.  I am not too sure I would ever listen to the whole album all of the way through.  Interestingly, Jamiroquai really like different introductions to their songs and this is really noticeable amongst this collection and one such introduction helped me choose this favourite track.

This track sounds like a movie overture at the beginning, very dramatic strings, but quickly followed by the expected beat and rhythm of the song.  It is a catchy sort of tune and the strings in the background add to the ambience of the song.  It will never be an all-time favourite, but it is okay.

Fav. Tracks: Elton John vs Pnau – Good Morning To The Night

LabelGood Morning To The Night – Sad.

When this album was released it was given an enormous amount of publicity, even appearing on the news channels on TV, so i thought let’s have a listen.  I fully understand the popularity of the repetitive dance rhythms played in night clubs, but it is not a popular sound for me to listen to.  Consequently, I was a little sceptical of what I would get on this album.

This track is fairly typical of the sound of the album and starts with a typical rapid dance beat, but I have to admit that Elton John’s voice provides a more gentle sound that is fairly easy to listen to.  So, not a total favourite, but an interesting experiment for both parties involved!

Fav. Tracks: Michael Jackson – Blood on the Dance Floor: History in the Mix

Blood on the Dance Floor: History in the Mix – History [Tony Moran’s History Lesson].

Dance music is not my usual scene, but everyone has to have some Michael Jackson, just because of his fame, if nothing else.  Of course, I remember him as a small boy in the Jackson Five – sadly I wasn’t too keen on that “middle of the road” sound either.  So, I guess you are asking why have I got this album?  To be honest, I am not sure when and why I bought it, but I am glad I did.  The album shows a lot of musical experimentation by Michael Jackson, including synthetic sounds.  Every track has a strong dance beat, but the tracks are good for listening as well.

This track is a favourite MJ track for me, I liked the original a lot.  I have chosen the track here because it illustrates what i mean about experimenting with the sound.  You wouldn’t recognise the track from the introduction, which has a real dance/DJ make to it.  Perhaps the drawback is that a dance beat like this can become too repetitive and is too synthetic (too much on the exact beat), but this is relieved a little in this version when the bass beat disappears for short periods (but is replaced by repeated words, lol).  All in all an interesting sound, but I don’t play it that regularly!

Fav. Tracks: Free – The Best of Free: All Right Now

The Best of Free: All Right Now – All Right Now.

Well this was easy, this track is one of my all time favourite dance tracks – anyone who has seen me dance will know why, fortunately the passage of time has slowed me down!  this is an all time classic track that never seems to age, it has just the right beat from the first chord.  the words are also great, any young man will know this storyline!  I used to have this as a single, which I bought when it hit number one so many years ago!  The riff in the middle of this track is great and gets most people playing “air guitar”, superb!