Fav. Tracks: Wanderer – Joel Grainger

0L5C5121(pp_w1000_h666) Wanderer  – Another home.

We chanced upon this young man playing in the High Street in Winchester, attracted by a fairly large crowd and some interesting sounding music.  As he explained to his audience he samples his own sounds live and plays these back, through a pedal loop system, as an accompaniment, in the style that I first saw with KT Tunstall, except using a violin.  The sound, live, was exceptionally good and very entertaining, which led me to purchase one of his CDs.

The musical style is quite varied, sometimes melancholic (but maybe that is the violin), sometimes quite folky (especially on Cooleys Reel), even producing a faintly Indian theme on Gypsy Raag, but always well played and expressive.  He is a natural street performer, but this studio album is very good and shows off his talent very well.

I have chosen this track because it clearly shows how he uses the sampling loop station, but also provides a good illustration of his violin playing.  I like the slightly melancholic feel of the music as it seems to be telling a story in music.