Fav. Tracks: The World of Progressive Music – Wowie Zowie – Various Artists

100 The World of Progressive Music – Wowie Zowie – Train to nowhere (Savoy Brown).

This vinyl album, from the Decca label, is another example of a sampler album introducing the labels various Progressive Rock artists (Decca were probably the least well known for this genre at the time, but eventually produced several major bands through Decca Deram).  The album was released in 1969 and has quite a few well known bands including Genesis, East of Eden and The Moody Blues.  Savoy Brown were a less well known (at least in the UK) London band who formed in the mid sixties, but later moved to the USA.  My introduction to their music was from this sampler album and I really liked this track (for some reason I never got around to buying any of the LPs).

I love the unusual sound of the track, which is excellently complemented by the singing voice of Bryce Portius, but it is difficult to describe the sound of the music – it is neither blues nor rock and is maybe a portent of things to come!  This album is an indicator of how progressive Rock was to develop into many interlinked bands.

The album tracks:

Down at Circes Place – Touch
Where did I Belong – John Mayall
Train to nowhere – Savoy Brown
Voodoo Forest – Johnny Almond
Communion – East of Eden
In The Beginning – Genesis
Nights in White Satin – The Moody Blues
Computer Love – William R Strickland
Go Away, come back another day – John Cameron Quartet
Not Foolish, Not Wise – Keef Hartley Band

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