Tuesday 25th February–An allsorts day

I got up around 9 am today, early for us, because there was a chance of a parcel delivery that we had rearranged – it actually came in the early afternoon.  After a quick breakfast (no milk so no cereal) I potted around in the garage finishing the current work on the shoe rack.  Also I sent a text asking the Sky Engineer when he might arrive – he didn’t arrive until late afternoon!  So, before I knew it the morning had gone and the online shop arrived from Sainsbury, but at least there were no substitutes.

After lunch it was a case of silly little jobs – make a fruit salad, prepare dinner and take the ladders upstairs for the engineer to access the satellite dish.  Then it was a bit more work on the shoe rack, but now I have run out of wood due to the problem with the split wood, which will be replaced on Thursday.  However, we are going to Wickes tomorrow to order some extra wood to make sure I have enough to finish the job.Manchester_United_FC_crest_svg

The guy fixed the alignment on the satellite dish tonight, but we were both of the opinion i need a second bracket to stiffen the movement of the rod holding the dish – for now I am going to try to improvise something in wood.

Tonight I watched the worst European performance I have ever seen from Manchester United.  They looked like they couldn’t be bothered, or were exhausted.  Of course, we are unaware of any instructions from the manager, such as take the sting out of the opposition by slowing the game down, but they took any such instruction too far.  In addition, there passing was abysmal and the time they wanted on the ball was far too long.  Loosing 2-0 was the best they could hope for as they barely made any chances until the end of the game.  I think there was some influence on the performance from Moyes as I have never seen Manchester united make so many horizontal or back passes.  They really were negative and slow in this game and deserved everything they got.

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