Friday 14th February–Valentines Day

happy-valentines-dayYes, I got a card!  sadly, Kathy said she didn’t want anything and, like a typical man, I believed her!  Too late to do anything other than say happy Valentine’s first thing, which I did.

The day started off with a quick visit to the doctors, who has upped the dose of the beta-blockers I am taking (blood pressure still too high), I have to double the ones I am taking, so I must try to remember!

Once again we are facing a storm and the wind is getting stronger all of the time, I expect an interrupted sleep tonight.  I am glad we are not doing anything for Valentine’s Day – transport is chaotic out there.

The other main news item relates to pensions and the new government scheme to encourage pensions in the work place, but it looks like there is simply not enough money being put into the system – I really feel sorry for the younger people today as the state is just not helping them.

The other news item that caught my attention a few days ado and seems to be getting more press coverage now is the NHS scheme to computerise and make available people health record.  What annoys me about this is that I have had no communication about this and the system requires me to opt out (which i have done by downloading a letter).  I notice that this information may be made available to third parties and my doctor mentioned this could, for example, include a mobile phone number!  I am not happy to allow this and worry about the security of any large database of this type.

Also sad news that a boyhood favourite died – Tom Finney – was a greater winger in his day.

Other things today – painted the wall where I covered some small cracks and touched up a few spots of stains from dampness in the corners of windows – we have had so much rain I am not surprised to see such staining, but I’ll have to look at the sealant outside when the weather improves.

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