An evening out – The King Rufus, Chandlers Ford

chandlers-fordYesterday’s weather made it such a wonderful day (for a change) that we got ourselves ready after lunch and took a trip on the Bluestar No1 bus to Chandlers Ford.

This is quite an easy journey from where we are as the bus stops just outside the estate and only takes 20 min to get to Chandlers Ford.  We had not been before, so we were unsure what to expect.  Chandlers Ford seems very spread out and the railway station, in particular, is a long way from what is really the town centre – we alighted at the Town Centre.  There is a small shopping area just next to the bus stop and we went around there first, discovering a useful hardware shop, which we will have to revisit, and a lights and furniture shop that is a real treasure trove of items –  we spent a long time in there!  However, we then quickly realised that there wasn’t much else to the town centre, which was a little disappointing, but as we walked along the main road we saw a pub that we had seen before from the bus and decided to visit.

kingrufuschandlersfordThe King Rufus gives the outward appearance of being what I call “an estate pub“, which means an often bland interior and limited real ale, but I was wrong and we discovered a pleasant place for a drink and a bite to eat.  Inside the main entrance you face the bar and a small area from which you can be taken to a table in the restaurant.  We sat in an area that is a part of the bar; although, we were a little separated from the main bar area, which is to the right when you come in.  The bar had two real ales and I drank some of The Old speckled Hen, which was excellent and I note that the pub is Camra rated.  The pub looks very modern inside and this suggests it has been renovated fairly recently.  The restaurant area looked very pleasant indeed and would be a good location for a meal – we ate in the bar area as we decided we liked our seats near the window.  The pub was also warm and comfortable – all very good signs.  The menu was reasonably substantial and offered both a two-4-one meal arrangement and a full a la carte listing.  The food we had, was good and very tasty, so we can recommend this pub.  A nice evening out and the return bus ran on schedule!

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